Karolin Pernegger
Photography: Karolin Pernegger for Vöslauer
It's one of this typical random stories: Someone knows someone and recommends someone and that's how everything started. Well that's exactly what happened. Benedikt Muxel recommended me for a dancing job, because he remembered I was dancing and the rest is history. Working with certain brands and especially austrian brands was and is my goal. Vöslauer is definately one of them. In the middle of rehearsals for a piece at that time I was major honored to be contacted to be represented as dancer for a household name like Vöslauer. The whole project caught my eye instantly. Dance and its connection to boxing and the other way round of course as well. I immideately saw the connections and was eager to meet the girl I will be working with. The team on the set, the project itself and the message it got out there was what made this project so special to me.
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