Justin Salice-Stephan
Justin Salice-Stephan
Writer & Director: Justin Salice-Stephan; Actor: Adrian Dorfmeister; Director of Photography: Matthias Katkowski; Producer: Benny Keitel; ProductionManagement: Steven Swirko; Unit Manager: Bülent Toluay; Light: Gabriel Krajanek; Stylist: Suqui Luk; M&H: Heike Sekera; Art Director: Marek Haiduk; Audio Recordist: Jessica Williams; Photographer: Berenike Lettmayer; 1. AC: Binsar Pandjaitan; Digital Store by: Karim Shalaby; Colorist: Lee Niederkofler; Gaffer: Sabine Stindt; Electrician: Stephan Gross; Copyright: Justin Salice-Stephan
From the very beginning of the creating process it was clear to me that this would be something special. Something that touches you and reminds you. When I had the first meeting with Justin, Katko and Benny, the idea struck me right away. And when they asked me to take the part of creating the choreograpy as well, I immediatelly knew that this project would be a task I would gladly like to face. The team was over-the-top caring and professional, the circumstances where a bit rough (spring cold temperatures), but I enjoyed the project immensely . For myself I gotta say, that this project was not only dancing-visely shaping, it was the acting for and direction under Justin that made PLEASE DON'T TOUCH so heartfelt for me. I'm grateful.