Inge Prader & Markus Morianz
Photography: Inge Prader & Markus Morianz for LIFE+
My first contact with LIFE+ (back then LIFE BALL) I had when I was 17. LIFE+ called at the Conservatory Vienna ballett-school and was on the search for dancers to fill the opening number for the LIFE+ opening song-number with Nina Hagen. Back then little did I know about the organization and its cause or impact. To be honest I was just on the verge to get 18 and myself in the hormonal roller-coaster of finding out my sexual orientation. Years later and several LIFE+ shows later I am a proud supporter of the cause to fight HIV+/ AIDS. Every year holds a special place in my memory, but my LIFE+ goal was always to be joining the LIFE+ StyleBible-Family. 2017 I finally made it and got to work with the incredible Cacho Falcon. Also nude.
The best moments | LIFE BALL 2017 - Recognize The Danger
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