La Isla y El Mar Hotel Boutique *****
PerezRamerstorfer Studio
Creative Director: Rodrigo Pérez Martina Pérez; Art Director: Rodrigo Pérez; Graphic Design: Rodrigo Pérez, Martina Pérez; Photography-Artwork: Rodrigo Pérez, Martina Pérez, Kerstin Friesenbichler; Photography-Restaurant Showcase: Rubén Acosta, Rodrigo Pérez; Architecture: Jose María Pérez Sánchez
There are certain photo-shootings that hold a special place in my heart. Something you will never forget. This one was definately one of them. The request to pose nude was definately one of them. I've never posed nude before for a photo-shooting, but the artsy approach and the "not-nude" exposure of the project was what caught my interest. The Team of PerezRamerstorfer Studio approched the style of a modern art fresco with art pieces that resemble the human body in al its beauty. We started out with the project in 2012, by 2015 the Boutique Hotel was finished and open. When I saw the outcome it was breathtaking. It was quite a while ago when I posed for the project and to see what was the outcome was just overwhelming. In 2019 I visited Lanzarote myself and stayed at the Hotel Boutique La Isla y El Mar. It is heaven on earth. Never have I ever seen such a landscape in my life - the Canary Islands are a must to visit.
PerezRamerstorfer Studio - Artwork La Isla y El Mar Artwork
La Isla y El Mar Hotel Boutique *****