Gillette campaign D-A-CH 2011 with Joko
R. Young, S. Steller
client: P&G Gilette_product: Gilette Fusion ProGlide_titel: Tug & Pull_version & date: ProGlide Power AT / Online / 15.02.2011_version no.: DL110215AR1650FL1_duration: 23"_responsible: Ch. Kuhn, A. Ziegfeld _agency: BBDO Düsseldorf GmbH_creation: R. Young, S. Steller_consultance: C. Huschert, A. Ten Hompel_producer: S. Bönlgk_production: Casta Diva, Mailand_director/ dop: Paolo Varl / P. Hurley_postproduction: Locomotion, DUS, 6126-44898-06 / 6126_soundstudio: Studio Funk, DUS, 85020100607 - 048_composer: -
It all started out in Vienna and me taking a survey in my gym about razors and my personal shaving routine. 2 weeks later I get a call to be on a flight to London regarding the taken survey. Long story short and 10 years later now: This was my biggest job ever so far and I still remember ever second of it. Shooting with Joko Winterscheidt in London and seeing the whole ad for 2011 on TV and on the internet. Thinking back now I was so anxcious, because several months before I cut my hair very short for the first time in my life. I was insecure.